Monday, August 16, 2010

For Review: Goodbye Mr Chips ~ James Hilton

It's amazing how such a huge story can be told affectionately in such a short space of pages. Goodbye Mr Chips recalls the story of a school master; a lifetime that spans several decades. Mr Chips witnessed the change of a century, taught through a variety of royal and political times and was prominent during the Great War. It seems only fair that Mr Chips should be so highly revered by his students.

But his love and respect is far more deserving than that. The man has lived through his own share of heartache and despair. Despite grieving through tragedy, Mr Chips continued to teach and to give. While he may not necessarily be the most qualified teacher in the eduaction system, he never relenquished his well-loved authority and was always ready to pull his boys through any trials they came across.

James Hilton's story is tender, sweet and altogether has a very 'cute' feel about it. The book is filled with a nostalgic (and sometimes beautifully sad) recollection of a schoolmaster who taught generations of young men.

Read 07 August, in stunning weather at the freibad (outdoor pool).