Friday, February 08, 2013

I Read Warm Bodies

There would normally be a review here, but I wrote my review and gave it away to another website, so it should be available there soon.

Meantime, I thought I'd say that I read Warm Bodies and loved it. It was just a gem of a book - fast paced, endearing, and a lot of fun. I'd heartily recommend it to any reader that enjoys a bit of zombie action. As for the film...

...if I was Isaac Marion I'd be devastated. It just doesn't look right. He's likely made a healthy pocketful of money from it (and good for him, I say!) but.. I wonder if it's really what he wanted. For a start, it looks like it's the wrong tone. At least, from the trailers and the way it's been billed, it just doesn't feel like the book felt. That and, I might as well admit to this now, I kind of fancied R. However, this was no doubt in part due to the fact that he was described as wearing a suit in the book. Not a red hoodie and a pair of jeans. Why the change? I don't even know.

It's all a bit unfortunate, really. If I had seen the trailer first, then I don't think I would have bothered picking up the book. Thankfully, I read the book first, and it was great. In fact, Warm Bodies was on my TBR and I made a point of reading it before the release of the film for these very reasons. I think I'll stick to this way of doing things - as with Great Expectations, it seems to work in my favour.